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This file contains information about fixes and enhancements introduced in AutoStore 6.  We recommend that you read this document and keep a printed copy with your documentation.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you begin installation, you cannot revert back to a previous installation of AutoStore.  Check with your system administrator prior to installing AutoStore 6 or any other software.



·         Windows operating system (OS) running on computer with at least a 2 GHz Processor

·         Minimum 2 GB of RAM is necessary but 4 GB or greater is recommended

·         Minimum of 10 GB of hard disk space

·         NIC Card

Operating System

Supported Windows operating systems:

·         Windows 7 Professional (32/64 bit) SP1

·         Windows 2008 R2 Standard/Enterprise SP1

·         Windows 2008 (32/64 bit) Standard/Enterprise SP2

·         Windows 2003 R2 (32/64 bit) Standard/Enterprise SP2

·         Windows 2003 (32 bit) Standard/Enterprise SP2

Additional Software

·         Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

·         Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Remaining prerequisites will be installed during the installation process.


For comprehensive instructions on how to set up AutoStore 6 refer to the AutoStore 6 Installation Guide.


Barcode -


This component supports recognition of one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes from image files.


The component provides the following features:


·         Auto-detection of barcode type and direction.

·         Enhanced barcode detection by applying a number of preprocessing methods to low-quality images.

·         Zoned recognition. Zones allow narrowing the search area, which increases the performance. Also, you can configure the options specifically for every zone: specify pages, validation criteria, and mandatory presence of a single barcode. Barcodes found within a zone can be added to a named set to retrieve their values through a special type of RRTs.

·         Support for custom fields that are passed to the subsequent components as RRTs.

·         Support for PDF processing-related settings such as PDF color and compression, PDF rasterization quality for output documents.

·         Splitting the original document into several documents on a barcode whose value matches a specified criterion. The supported validation methods: wildcards, regular expressions, external scripts.


Binder -


Binder process component allows you to bind multiple TIFF documents into one TIFF document.  For example, you may want to process a document consisting of more pages than an MFP device automatic document feeder can handle at one time. The pages are accumulated into one document until a specified condition gets satisfied, after which the document is released into the workflow.


The component provides the following features:


·         Accumulate pages of input TIFF documents into one document.

·         Pass the resulting TIFF document to subsequent components in the process.

·         Release the resulting document according to a condition determined at runtime.


Data Filter -


This component performs various string operations and applies different filters to data received via RRTs from previous components. The component generates the result of these operations as RRTs and provides them to the subsequent components. The result of the operation can be validated.

The features of the component include:


·         Filters that can be applied:

·         Replace

·         Match Regular Expression

·         Starts With

·         Ends With

·         Equals To

·         Contains

·         Make Upper Case

·         Make Lower Case

·         Trim

·         Clean Up

·         Format Date

·         Format Time

·         Concatenate

·         Split

·         Parsing CSV string using the Parse CSV filter.

·         Database Lookup using DB filter.

·         Additional validation of the filter's result using Validate filter and the ability to reject the current job with the configured error message if validation fails.


IBM Content Manager on Demand -


IBM Content Manager OnDemand component allows you to send documents to the IBM Content Manager OnDemand system.


The features of this component include:


·         Create import files for sending documents to the IBM Content Manager OnDemand system.

·         Define and map meta-data to be imported in the IBM Content Manager OnDemand system.

·         Configurable application/application group settings.

·         No client application necessary.

·         Back-up/failsafe functionality.


IMAP Capture -


IMAP Capture is a capture component that is capable of retrieving email messages from a mail server that supports IMAP protocol. The component can work with several mail accounts and allows you to create several classes of search criteria for every account, with each class passing messages to a single workflow. The component receives and processes messages one at a time.


The component offers the following features:


·         Retrieving e-mail messages from mail servers that support IMAP protocol.

·         Different search criteria according to which messages are searched for and specifying different workflows for them.

·         Various parameters of email messages that can be used in search criteria: subject, from, body, size, and date.

·         Custom IMAP queries to make search criteria more exact.

·         Creating separate documents for every attachment and sending them into the workflow separately to provide more flexibility.


RightFax Capture -


Use RightFax Capture component to capture new faxes that appear on a RightFax server and process these faxes into the workflow. The component allows configuration of separate workflows for received and sent faxes.

The component passes captured fax data to the subsequent components via RRTs.  The component works with RightFax Server versions 9.0, 9.3 and 9.4. The Right Fax client software should be installed on the machine with Workflow Server for proper functioning of the component.

This component provides the following features:


·         Capturing faxes from a RightFax server.

·         Different workflows for sent and received faxes.

·         Synchronization of multiple instances of the component working with the same server.

·         Pass captured fax data to the subsequent components via RRTs.


Web Capture -


Web Capture is a capture component the purpose of which is to allow users to capture documents into the workflow process via a user interface that is accessible through a web browser. The component allows for configuration of any number of forms and assigning a different workflow to each form. A form is an entity, which you can think of as an entrance way to a workflow. It defines which users have access to the workflow and the metadata that must be provided in order to send a document. The behavior of the web forms can be modified using the Dynamic Form functionality.  Web Capture has additional functionality that facilitates the organization of the workflow process when using Send to Folder, Send to SharePoint, Send to SMTP or Send to Exchange components.


This component provides the following features:


·         Capturing documents through web interface using a web browser.

·         Support for different authentication mechanisms to restrict the access to the forms.

·         Providing information about the processed documents by adding fields to the forms. Supported field types are: Tree, List, Text, Checkbox, Numeric, Date and Lookup List.

·         Modifying the standard behavior of the forms by using custom VB.Net scripts.

·         Additional forms to be used in conjunction with Send To Folder, Send To SMTP and Send To SharePoint components.

·         With Custom Development license you can create your own custom client to communicate with the service, through which documents can be captured into the workflow.


XML Importer -


XML Importer process component can extract various data elements of XML documents and import in to the workflow.  This component processes an XML file on input, executes XPath queries to retrieve necessary information and uses the queries' results as search fields for building field RRTs or as the content for files. These RRTs and/or files are then passed to the subsequent components in the workflow.


The component also has the ability of getting a file through a specified path and adding this file to the workflow. The XML file itself can be also passed for subsequent processing. The component supports all the options of the XPath language and allows execution of several queries sequentially in the order in which they appear in the fields' list.


·         Design XPath queries and test them for correctness.

·         Execute one or several XPath queries to obtain information from the XML file.

·         Pass queries results to the subsequent components in a workflow via RRTs.

·         Create files by extraction file information from the XML file and attach them to the workflow.

·         Attach existing files to a workflow using the specified path.

·         Use the results of the previous query in the settings of the next query.

·         Pass the XML file itself to the subsequent components in a workflow.


AutoStore General Services Broker service –


·         Replacement for the AutoStore Status Port Broker Service.

·         Default status monitoring port changed from port 1505 to port 45000 for normal connections and port 45001 for secure connections.


AutoStore Process Designer –


·         Added an administrator alerts option in the task properties dialog.

·         Added online help with commenting feature (commenting is available when an internet connection is available).  The commenting feature gives the user the ability to provide feedback on help documentation.  The help contents website link in APD launches online help.


AutoStore Status Monitor –


·         Added option for secure encrypted connection when monitoring remote servers.


ABBYY FineReader OCR -


·         Fixed to enable Tagged PDF option by default for PDF and PDF/A formats.

·         Added support for Mixed Raster Content segmentation when exporting into PDF and PDF/A formats.

·         Added support for new output formats: DOCX, PPTX, XLSX.

·         Added an option to perform template-based analysis of input page layout.

·         Added options to select output formats for color, B&W, and grayscale images separately when exporting into PDF and PDF/A formats.

·         Added advanced OCR parameters related to font (type, style, size, etc.) and layout detection.

·         Added ability to recognize running heads and export them into output documents of the following formats: RTF, DOCX, PDF, PDF/A, HTML, TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX

·         Fixed a performance issue which occurred when Zoned OCR was used, the component skips pages that don't contain zones.

·         Fixed an issue with XLS fields.


AutoCapture -


·         Updated the default form style sheet (requires latest client and minimum of Internet Explorer 8).

·         Fixed issue with using special characters in form scripting.

·         Added a 64-bit explorer client shell extension.


ApplicationXtender –


·         Fixed issue with field names containing / or #

·         Fixed issue that would display "All Required Fields Must be Set" warning when attempting to close the configuration dialog.

·         Fixed issue that would display Unable to save document status message when certain file formats were being routed to a batch.


Batch Importer –


·         Fixed issue that would cause umlauts in ANSI encoded CSV files to be replaced with a ‘?’

Content Management Queue –

·         Base processing restricted to inter-process communication within the same product line.  License required for extended processing.

Documentum –


·         Added support for Documentum 6.5 SP2/SP3, 6.6 and 6.7 versions.

·         Added support for EMC Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) API to interact with the server.

·         Added option for upload timeout.


DocuWare -


·         Added support for DocuWare 5.1c

·         Fixed issue when using an RRT to fill a date field.


DocuShare -

·         Added support for DocuShare 6.6.1.

FileNet -

·         Password encryption algorithm changed. It is recommended to reopen and save the configuration in new version of the component.

·         Fixed issues with custom permissions setup.


FileNet P8 -

·         Added support for MTOM method of communication with the server("Use Content Engine 4.0 compatibility mode" option)

·         Added a new internal/external RRT "~FCE::DocumentVsId~" for version series ID.

·         Added a new internal RRT "~FCE::CE_URL~" for Content Engine web service URL.

·         Application Engine URL default value changed to "~FCE::CE_URL~/WorkplaceXT"

·         Document URL pattern default value changed to "~FCE::AE_URL~/getContent?objectStoreName=~FCE::ObjectStore~&vsId=~FCE::DocumentVsId~&objectType=document"

·         Fixed an issue which would cause incorrect parsing of a time zone when time value lacks seconds and milliseconds.

·         Fixed an issue with inline values.

·         Fixed an issue which would change the title of existing documents(for "Existing by ID" target type)

·         Fixed an issue with RRT replacement.

·         Fixed an issue with adding subscription to all version of the document when overwriting existing documents.

FTP Poll –

·         Fixed issue that would cause APD to abnormally exit when configuring the transfer rate or buffer size. 

Fujitsu Network Scanner –

·         Updated the snap-in editor. 

·         Scripts created by Script editor are now compiled during service start-up and kept in memory.

Google Docs -

·         Added support for proxy (basic and NTLM authentication).

·         Documents of any format can be now uploaded into Google Docs, however, only the documents of the following types can be converted into internal Google Docs format: XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, TAB, TSV, TXT, TSB, DOC, DOCX, HTM, HTML, RTF, PPT, PPS, PPTX, WMF, JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF, ODT, SXW.

·         Added an option to retry uploading without converting in a case where conversion of the document fails.

HP MFP/Digital Sender (OXPD) –

·         Updated the snap-in editor.

·         Scripts created by Script editor are now compiled during service start-up and kept in memory.

·         Fixed to process batches in FIFO order.


Hummingbird -


·         Added support for remote libraries.

·         Added support for Hummingbird/eDOCS DM 5.3.0.

·         Fixed an issue with missing required fields causing the document to be rejected when the fields are marked hidden.


Konica Minolta MFP –


·         Added support for OpenAPI.

·         Added option to configure Application ID allowing a single device to work with multiple AutoStore servers

·         Added option to device manager to delete applications from MFP

·         Added Result and ErrorMessage properties to AsForm object to allow display of error message on MFP in OnLoad event

·         Added option to use Active Directory groups in restricted access forms in combination with MFP authentication.

·         Added option to combine MFP authentication with AutoStore custom authentication.  

·         Fixed an issue that would prevent disabling the dynamic form option once enabled.

·         Fixed an issue with self-referencing RRT in the Database Lookup field.



Kodak Scan Station -


·         Added option to disable confirmation messages during scanning.

·         Added DeviceName and IPAddess properties to form scripting object.


Kyocera MFP (HyPAS)–


·         Fixed an issue with entering an invalid value for the maximum length of a text field.

·         Fixed an issue with pressing the help button in the add/edit dialog of a tree field.


Knowledge Package Builder/Loader -

·         Base processing restricted to inter-process communication within the same product line.  License required for extended processing.

·         Fixed issue with package builder when processing files without file name extension.

·         Fixed issue with reference pool path without an ending path separator.

·         Fixed to process files in the FIFO order.

Laserfiche -

·         Added support for Laserfiche 8.2.1.

Lexmark MFP -

·         Updated the snap-in editor.

·         Scripts created by Script editor are now compiled during service start-up and kept in memory.


Multi-Poll –


·         Fixed “This operation cannot be performed” error while an auto-filled column is being resized.

·         Added a button on each raw that allows to change the path. Changing the path on double-click removed (used to mess up with cell state if it was in the edit state).

·         “Delete folders” renamed to “Remove folders”.

·         Added a toolbar for adding folders/removing.

OpenText Document Server, Alchemy-

·         Component name changed from Captaris Alchemy to OpenText Document Server, Alchemy.

·         Added support for 8.3.

OpenText Livelink/Content Server -

·         Fixed issue that would cause an error when categories with required attributes are added to the routed document.

·         Added workflow initiation feature.

Professional Barcode -

·         Ported to ABBYY Engine 9.

·         Fixed an issue that would cause the application to crash when several instances are launched under different user accounts.

·         Fixed a performance issue which would cause the component to load and analyze pages that are excluded from Zoned processing.

·         Some options in the configuration window were renamed and realigned.


Professional Image Management –


·         Added option to remove first page.

·         Added option for auto binarization.

·         Support added to read PDF v1.6.


Ricoh ESA -


·         Fixed issue with DB Lookup field and column names that contained spaces.

·         Fixed issue with MySQL DB lookups that would cause abnormal shutdowns in APD and server.

·         Fixed issue causing error “Invalid document field display name” during file upload when using a basic form type to route to SharePoint. 


Send to Folder –


Send to FTP –


Send to PC -

·         Added support for offline mode where client does not need to be connected all time.  Require latest client to be installed.

SFTP Poll –

·         Fixed issue that would cause APD to abnormally exit when configuring the transfer rate or buffer size. 

SharePoint 2007 -

·         Added ability to use site name in the server address field.

Sharp OSA, Web Application

·         Fixed issue where when selecting “High” for Color Document Quality, “Low” was selected on the MFP and vice versa.

·         Fixed issue where when using a Send to Folder form, folders were not listed alphabetically on the device panel.

·         Fixed issue where an error was reported when the text for authentication type was deleted and the OK button was clicked.

·         Fixed issue where an error was reported when letters were entered in the Port field.

·         Fixed issue where an error was reported when text is entered in the drop down menu for the Text field.

·         Fixed issue where the option “Allow Multiple Selection” continued to be enabled even though it was unselected after “Display Search Options” was enabled.

·         Added support for Common Access Card (CAC).

·         Added new repository type of HTTP.

·         Added option to query for device credentials.

·         Fixed to display error message at device when value is not entered for a required fields.

·         Fixed to display error message when creation of a form from template fails.


VB/JScript – 6.0.04

·         Added caching of script file. 

Virtual Image Processing -

·         Added new supported formats: ABC, AFP, ECW, CompuServe GIF, JBIG2, JPG, JP2, MRC, LeadTools MRC, NITF, PSP, PBM, PNG, SFF, PS, XPS, DXF, DWF, DWG, PLT(HPGL), PCL, PCX, PDF, TIFF, FLC, IFF(CAT and CAT RLE compressed), PCT, FlashPix.

·         Support added to read PDF v1.6, and write PDF v1.5.


Worldox -

·         Added support for Worldox GX2.

Xerox EIP Connect -


·         Fixed issue where the scroll bar for the year in a date field did not work.

·         Fixed an issue where some device models will show a “Job in Progress” message that will not allow the user to scan unless they exit the application

·         Fixed issue with custom fields in a SharePoint form being routed to SharePoint.

·         Fixed issue with SharePoint 2010 forms where selecting the “Prompt for document name” option was causing an error when routing the document.

·         Fixed issue where browsing to a folder with more than 100 items did not work.

·         Fixed issue where database lookup query which returned more than 100 results did not work.

·         Fixed issue where configurations consisting of several elements (many forms/menus with icons, large lists, etc.) resulted in an error that was displayed on the device panel. Fixed issue where search filters did not work when performing an empty search within a Sent To Email form.

·         Fixed issue where user was not prompted to save a script that was changed when the script editor was closed.

·         Fixed issue with scan processing at the device which resulted in memory leak.  With this fix, AutoStore does not display a status screen at the device while jobs are scanned and transferred to the AutoStore Server.

XML Generator -

·         Added support for namespaces.

·         Fixed issue that would cause the process to hang when the template ends with a comment.

·         Fixed issue where the component ignored values preset in the template.


·         Contact NSI for more information on AutoStore

·         NSI Support Services contact information for AutoStore support or other product support

·         NSI Support Forums

·         NSI Technical Knowledgebase 



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